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  • 799.00

    Skosh Bergamot Oil embodies the essence of sunshine and vitality. Cold-pressed from the rinds of bergamot oranges, this oil offers a citrusy and uplifting aroma with floral undertones. Renowned for its mood-boosting properties, it is perfect for aromatherapy, skincare, or as a refreshing room spray. Let Skosh Bergamot Oil infuse your surroundings with its bright and invigorating scent, inspiring positivity and joy with every breath.

  • 699.00

    Skosh Cardamom Oil captures the essence of warmth and spice, derived from the seeds of the cardamom plant. With its sweet, floral undertones and hints of citrus, this oil delights the senses and invigorates the spirit. Whether used in aromatherapy for its uplifting properties, in culinary endeavors for its exotic flavor, or in skincare for its soothing benefits, Skosh Cardamom Oil offers a sensory journey of indulgence and comfort.

  • 399.00

    Skosh Cedarwood Oil captures the essence of nature’s tranquility, distilled from the aromatic wood of cedar trees. With its warm, woody aroma and grounding properties, this oil brings a sense of calm and balance to any space. Whether used in aromatherapy for relaxation, in skincare for its clarifying benefits, or in home fragrance for its comforting scent, Skosh Cedarwood Oil invites you to embrace serenity and connection to the earth.

  • 299.00

    Skosh Citronella Oil is nature’s shield against unwanted guests, distilled from the leaves of the citronella grass. With its refreshing lemony aroma and natural insect-repellent properties, this oil creates a barrier against pesky bugs, allowing you to enjoy outdoor moments in peace. Whether diffused in the air, applied topically, or used in candles, Skosh Citronella Oil keeps bugs at bay, ensuring pleasant gatherings and serene evenings.

  • 349.00

    Skosh Clove Oil is a potent essence, extracted from the dried flower buds of the clove tree. With its warm and spicy aroma, reminiscent of the holiday season, this oil brings comfort and coziness to any setting. Whether used in aromatherapy for its soothing properties, in dental care for its numbing effect, or in culinary creations for its rich flavor, Skosh Clove Oil adds depth and warmth to every experience.

  • 799.00

    Hailing from the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal, Sugandh Mantri, scientifically known as Nardo-stachys jatamansi, yields an essential oil through steam distillation of its rhizomes and roots. This oil boasts a rich, earthy aroma with sweet, woody, and herbaceous undertones, recognized for its grounding and soothing effects in aromatherapy. A prized base note in perfumery, Sugandh Mantri harmonizes fragrances, offering depth and longevity. In traditional medicine, it finds use for its calming influence on the mind. While occasionally incorporated into skincare products, conservation efforts aim to protect this herbaceous plant from over-harvesting and habitat loss.

  • 399.00

    Skosh Lavender Oil captures the essence of relaxation and rejuvenation. Sourced from the finest lavender blooms, this oil boasts a soothing and calming fragrance that promotes a sense of tranquility and well-being. Whether used for aromatherapy, massage, or as a natural sleep aid, Skosh Lavender Oil envelops you in its gentle embrace, offering a moment of serenity in the midst of life’s hustle and bustle.

  • 299.00

    Skosh Lemongrass Oil is nature’s energizing elixir, distilled from the fresh leaves of the lemongrass plant. With its invigorating citrus scent and hints of earthiness, this oil revitalizes the senses and uplifts the mood. Whether used in aromatherapy to promote mental clarity, in skincare for its purifying benefits, or in cooking to add a zesty twist, Skosh Lemongrass Oil brings a burst of freshness to any endeavor.

  • 999.00

    Skosh Nutgrass Oil is a hidden gem of tranquility and grounding. Extracted from the roots of the Cyperus rotundus plant, this oil boasts a warm, earthy aroma with hints of sweetness. Renowned for its calming properties, it is ideal for aromatherapy, massage, or as a natural fragrance. Let Skosh Nutgrass Oil immerse you in a sense of serenity and connection to the earth’s embrace.

  • 299.00

    Skosh Palmrosa Oil is a delicate floral essence extracted from the grassy leaves of the Cymbopogon martinii plant. With its subtle rose-like scent and soothing properties, this oil offers a sense of tranquility and balance. Whether used in aromatherapy for relaxation, in skincare for its hydrating benefits, or in massage oils for its calming effect, Skosh Palmrosa Oil elevates self-care rituals with its gentle and comforting fragrance.

  • 599.00

    Skosh Patchouli Oil embodies earthy allure and timeless elegance. Distilled from the finest patchouli leaves, this oil exudes a warm, woody aroma with hints of spice and musk. Whether used for aromatherapy, as a natural perfume, or to enhance meditation practices, Skosh Patchouli Oil envelops the senses, evoking a sense of groundedness and inner peace amidst life’s chaos.

  • 599.00

    Skosh Sugandh Kokila Oil is a fragrant treasure, sourced from the aromatic berries of the Sugandh Kokila tree. With its sweet and spicy aroma reminiscent of cinnamon and cloves, this oil offers a warming and comforting sensation. Whether used in aromatherapy, perfumery, or as a natural air freshener, Skosh Sugandh Kokila Oil adds depth and character to any space, enveloping you in its exotic allure.

  • 1,999.00

    Skosh Vetiver Oil epitomizes natural sophistication and grounding energy. Extracted from the roots of vetiver grass, this oil offers a deep, earthy scent with hints of smokiness and complexity. Whether diffused for a calming atmosphere, blended into skincare for its purifying properties, or worn as a subtle fragrance, Skosh Vetiver Oil brings a sense of balance and connection to the present moment.