Skosh Citronella Oil


Skosh Citronella Oil is nature’s shield against unwanted guests, distilled from the leaves of the citronella grass. With its refreshing lemony aroma and natural insect-repellent properties, this oil creates a barrier against pesky bugs, allowing you to enjoy outdoor moments in peace. Whether diffused in the air, applied topically, or used in candles, Skosh Citronella Oil keeps bugs at bay, ensuring pleasant gatherings and serene evenings.

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100% Pure Citronella Essential Oil Extracted from the Citronella Plant.

Add 3-5 drops or the desired amount of oil in the water.

Do not use directly on skin.
May cause irritation to sensitive skin.
Keep away from Sunlight and heat.
Keep away from children.

At Skosh we have a notion to deal in purity, Offering you 100% pure essential oils ensuring utmost quality and customer trust.

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Skosh Citronella Oil