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Nature’s Oil presents Skosh’s distinctive Shamama Attar, a prized fragrance in perfumery with roots in India. Derived from the Arabic word “Shama” meaning light, Shamama attar boasts a complex blend of saffron, sandalwood, agarwood, rose, jasmine, and spices. The labor-intensive production involves macerating ingredients in sandalwood oil, allowing the scents to harmonize over time. Known for its intense and intriguing profile, Shamama attar is a sought-after fixative in perfumery, offering versatility in oriental, woody, and spicy compositions. Associated with special occasions in India, it adds a unique and exotic touch to formal wear or anytime a distinctive fragrance is desired.

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At Skosh, we are dedicated to the pursuit of purity, providing you with 100% pure Rose Water that ensures the highest quality and earns the trust of our customers.

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Skosh Nature's Oil