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Rain Soil, also known as Mitti Attar or Earthy Attar, is a traditional perfume capturing the post-rain fragrance of wet soil. Popular in India, its meticulous production involves steam distillation of clay, typically from Kannauj. Blended with Santalum album (sandalwood oil), it enhances longevity and adds a subtle sweetness. Mitti attar’s primary earthy aroma is refreshing and grounding, making it unconventional yet appreciated, especially during meditation. Linked to purity, it finds use in religious ceremonies. Despite its intensity, some wear it sparingly, associating it with the monsoon season and a profound connection to the earth.

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At Skosh, we are dedicated to the pursuit of purity, providing you with 100% pure Rose Water that ensures the highest quality and earns the trust of our customers.

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Skosh Rain Soil